Spectrum Killian Dental Lab Alliance

To the detriment of cosmetic dentists, the last ten years have drastically changed the landscape of the dental laboratory industry. The combination of pricing pressure and retiring seasoned technicians has created a void in the marketplace for affordable high esthetic restorations. Unlike most labs, Spectrum Killian has quickly adapted to this changing landscape, and in the process has not only created the largest high esthetic lab in the country but has also built a sustainable platform of technician training and development for future growth!

Celebrating Years of Happy Clients and forged patnerships

Six years ago, the Spectrum Killian Dental Lab Alliance was born. Ron Breuklander, founder of Spectrum Dental Laboratory combined forces with Steven Killian, founder of Killian Dental Ceramics. Rather than continuing to compete against one another, these individuals combined forces. Over the next 6 years, 14 other highly coveted labs in Southern California joined the alliance, with the most recent being daVinci Dental Studios. DaVinci became a household name amongst high-end dentists due to its role in the TV show “Hollywood Extreme Makeover”, where the high esthetic feldspathic veneers and porcelain work was broadcasted across the country for everyone to see.

When a lab owner joins the alliance, they sell their business and become employees of the alliance. This provides the laboratory founders the ability to continue to do what they love, train the next generation, and maintain their legacy in the industry.


With 16 alliance members, it was necessary to consolidate technicians into three centers of excellence (CoE). This consolidation creates an ecosystem of technique-sharing amongst the most skilled technicians in the country. Our three centers of excellence (CoE) are as follows:

Orange County

home to a 25,000 sqft full-service lab and serves as a CoE for all our full arch and implant cases.

Los Angeles

home to a 17,000 sqft full-service lab and serves as a CoE in producing high-quality layered and feldspathic veneer esthetic cases.


home to a 6,000 sqft full-service lab that is FDA-approved for abutment milling.

The other benefit to consolidation is creating a consistent output that our doctors fall in love with! Our company has created three distinct product lines to be able to meet the needs of all practice owners. These product lines follow different manufacturing protocols and are worked on by their own unique technicians:


This line emphasizes form, fit, and function. Restorations are both functional and high-quality, crafted with premium materials and meticulously hand-finished by US-based technicians. Their expertise focuses on the essentials: contacts, occlusion, margin, and shade, ensuring optimal results for patients.


Customization defines this line. Restorations blend esthetic crowns with perfect form, fit, and function. The finishing is tailored to match neighboring and opposing staining, ensuring a personalized result that suits each patient's unique needs. With meticulous attention to detail, our skilled artisans meticulously sculpt and polish each restoration, delivering exceptional craftsmanship.

da Vinci

This line focuses on perfection for patients like Hollywood stars or the ultra-wealthy. Typically, they opt for 6+ units, mostly veneers. Skilled technicians collaborate with the dentist to design the desired smile, adding unique customizations for a natural look: marginal ridges, cusp tips, hypo calcification, pits, and translucency.

View more details about our product lineup here

Our Journey

We are proud of what we’ve accomplished and how we’ve grown. Check out all of the amazing Laboratories that have joined the Spectrum Killian Dental Lab Alliance.

Former individual lab owners Mark Tillman, Ron Breuklander, and David Purdom joined forces in 1999 to create Spectrum Dental Laboratories.  With over 35 years of experience in Crown and Bridge Restorations, Spectrum Dental Lab’s founders’ mission was to provide products and services for an outstanding value that assist our dentist clients in achieving the highest degree of patient satisfaction and practice success.

Founded in Irvine, CA  in 1983 by brothers Steve Killian, CDT and Greg Killian, Killian Dental Ceramics was created.  Steve Killian studied dental technology at Southern California College of Medical and Dental Careers, then went on to work as a senior ceramist and general lab manager before becoming a National Board Certified Dental Technician in Ceramics. Steve was also highly involved with the National Association of Dental Laboratories, serving on its board for multiple terms.  

Located in Temecula, CA, Nash Dental Lab was founded in 1986 by Greg Nash, CDT. Greg started his career receiving an AS degree in Dental Technology from Riverside City College. Still, Greg’s clinical experience alongside prosthodontist Dr. Paul Richardson and his time at the in-house laboratory at Loma Linda University School of Dentistry helped him build a lab with a five-star reputation. Greg has continued expanding his knowledge with training at the Las Vegas Institute, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, and the Staub Cranial System. In addition, Nash Dental Lab is FDA Certified Implant Manufacturer and milling center.

For more than 45 years, da Vinci has been at the forefront of the laboratory industry. Long known for creating high-end aesthetic restorations, da Vinci helped pioneer several techniques, including the development of the Feldspathic Porcelain Veneer in the 1980s. Da Vini’s rise to fame came when it was featured on the television shows The Swan and Extreme Makeover. After that, da Vinci became synonymous with the Hollywood smile. In 2019, da Vinci became the premier laboratory for the labs.dental corporation.

Founded more than 30 years ago, The Winter Laboratory was created to deliver clinical excellence.  Founded by Dr. Robert Winter, DDS, Prosthodontist, The Winter Laboratory has specialized in creating functional and esthetic restorations for some of the most complicated cases utilizing the Spear’s techniques developed and taught by Dr. Winter at the Spears’ Institute.  In 2019 The Winter Laboratory moved from Orange County to the Los Angeles area and became part of the labs.dental group of laboratories. 

Serving the greater New York area for over 35 years, Nulife Long Island Dental Laboratory was once the sister lab to the namesake Nu-Life Dental in Brooklyn, NY. Under the supervision of long-time lab manager Steve Romanzi Nulife has been recognized for its expertise in dental implants and serves as a primary provider for Stoney Brook University School of Dental Medicine. In 2019, Nulife Long Island became the third lab in the labs.dental group.

Created by labs. dental, Essentials Dental Laboratory was explicitly designed to offer solo practices, large group practices, and Dental Service Organizations (DSOs) an affordable solution for quality fixed and removable prosthetics.  Essentials utilizes digital technology and volume to provide scalable efficiency. 

James Hartzel DDS, CDT, and Edwin Fajardo created Excel Studios in 1996 to provide personalized service and unmatched aesthetics. Before founding Excel Studios, Dr. Hartzel practiced dentistry for over 30 years. Edwin’s focus has been on implant systems and restorations. He has dedicated an extensive number of hours attending C.E. courses to become a leader in the field of dental implants.

As the oldest dental lab in Southern California, A & M dental laboratory has served greater Los Angeles for more than 70 years.  

Created in 1983 in South Africa by founder Henning Visser, Vita Laboratory moved to the USA in 2000.  Henning is a Master Dental Ceramist.  He completed the three and half year college Diploma course in Dental Technology at the Pretoria Techicon in South Africa.  He has a solid commitment to continuing dedication. He has furthered his studies through advanced European and American Education with world-renowned master ceramists in the fields of ceramic aesthetics, gnantology, and function. Upon opening the boutique-style lab in Irvine, CA, Henning became a member of the AACD, AO, and DLOAC.

Initially established in 1987 as a four-person operation in a  1000 sq ft studio, Eurodent has grown significantly under VJ Lyons, the founding member and sole proprietor.  VJ started his career wanting to work in fine art, but when his interest in dentistry came to fruition, he combined all of his artistic talents into the dental field. As a result, Eurodent grew in the dental community after winning the UCLA dental School Laboratory contract in 2000.  Eurodent is the on-site laboratory and continues to serve as an important partner today. In addition to their work with UCLA, Eurodent is a respected member and leader of the AACD, awarded the “Best of Show” restoration winner in 2005.

Louvre Dental Laboratory was established in Agoura Hills California in 2018 by Chester Garcia and Megan Burke.  Chester and Megan chose to redefine the concept of a boutique laboratory by not only offering unapparelled artistry but enhancing that experience with the latest in science , technology, and customer service. Louvre Laboratory started with the sentiment of being easy to do business with and grew quickly through word of mouth servicing clientele nationwide and internationally. Chester Garcia has more than 30 years of experience in executive roles in prestigious dental labs sparking major growth in market  share, operations strategy , technical and financial functions. Megan is a technician with 25 years of experience studying under some of the greatest dental minds of our time. She is part  of various study groups and organizations and is a key opinion leader within the industry.